I'm Skot, with a "K" and one "T".

No, I'm not Skandanavian.

I actually started spelling my name like that in 6th grade. I was always in the same class as two other Scotts with a last name that started with "W." I had to spell out my entire last name on every paper.

That got old really fast.

So, I started spelling it with a "k" and one "t" and I never had to put my last name on anything ever again. (No, I didn't legally change it. And yes, my mom still spells my name S-c-o-t-t-i-e.)

My desire to differentiate myself has lasted my entire life. From burgendy hair dye to my Alexi Lalas-styled hair, to my thrift store "bargian" wardrobe, not blending in was engrained in me (my parents weren't always happy about it).

During my professional career, it's still there. That desire to be different. I’ve really come to understand what it means to differentiate your brand and the impact it can have on you as a person, a company, or a culture inside the workplace.


Everything is built around your brand. Like an engine inside of a car. Without the engine, the car goes no where and lacks a soul.

Your brand is your soul. That thing that gives you substance.

But, you know what makes my heart hurt? When I hear about businesses throwing money at fly-by-night "marketing" companies that don't have the client's best interests in mind. The vendor treats every project like a surface-level problem. They don't listen to the client or drive any strategy. 

In my old age, I've realized that sometimes that's what people need. A tactic. Not a strategy. 

Strategy takes time. Tactics don't most of the time. Strategy takes patience and discipline. Tactics don't most of the time.

What I offer is not for everyone.

I will focus on people who want a strategic partner, not just someone to deliver a tactic, and who want to be more intentional with their brand building efforts. 

Through brand coaching, speaking, and intentional design (I’m also the managing partner of a strategic design firm called, Multiple), I help individuals and companies who feel stuck, unclear, and inauthentic build a brand worth following.

You were created for a specific purpose.

I help you get unstuck so you can move on with that purpose and give you the time to be who you were created to be. 

I was born and raised in Georgia. Moved to the suburbs of Chicago (I’ll never do THAT again!), and moved back to launch the Atlanta office for Multiple. Georgia is my home. 

I love the trees. 

I love the humidity.

I love the people.

Most of all, I love who I’ve become since moving back. I’ve come to realize that while this business helps sustain me, my family, and my employees, there’s a bigger purpose.

As a young designer, it was always about seeing my work in the world or in the next design publication. It was so satisfying!

Now, it’s all about that smile, hug, or confirming statement that I’ve nailed it. I was able to pull out the "gold" from our work together brining more clarity and permission for them to move forward.

The work I do has a bigger purpose than creating solid positioning or great design. Yes, I love that part too. But, it’s about people and helping them be who they were created to be.

"Awww, that’s nice, Skot. But, seriously, why you?"

Ok, here goes.

Some agencies/consultants understand branding (positioning, messaging, vision, mission, purpose, values, inner identity, etc.).

Some agencies/consultants understand marketing (PPC, SEO, email marketing, blogging, social media marketing, etc.).

Some agencies/consultants understand design (logo, print design, website design, signage, packaging, etc.).

I understand all three.

I've been studying and practicing the art of brand development and design for almost 20 years. For the past 10 years, I've studied marketing tactics and developed strategic partnerships in that world.

Designers are not marketers and marketers are not designers. I wrote about that in a blog post a while back. I’d even argue that some brand people out there aren’t designers or marketers either!

My experience over the past two decades working with bigger clients like Sesame Workshop, Royal Caribbean, The Coca Cola Company, JP Morgan Chase as well as smaller businesses and entrepreneuers has helped me learn what I needed to learn and do what I needed to do.

Now, I’m a brand bulider that understands marketing strategy and has access to high quality, intentional designers when needed to implement the work we’ve done together. 

You’ll have a hard time finding someone like me out there. Plus, I’ll always stand behind the work I do. Every. Time.

I believe what I do can enable and empower individuals and companies to communicate more effectively with their customers, clients and employees.

If you’ve made it this far, you might as well fill out the contact form so we can have a real conversation over the phone or meet up somwhere.

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Go for it.

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