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My goal as a speaker is to educate, inspire, and drive your audience to action.

All of the topics I speak about revolve around the idea of building a brand worth following. Some topics are more foundational when it comes to the idea of branding, some are more tactical. Most of my talks follow a workshop-style format but can be adapted for keynotes.

Anyone that's organized events and tried to find good speakers understands my pain. Skot not only speaks, but educates. He's entertaining, personable, and always has key takeaways. He packs a lot of information and value into his presentations!

Stephanie S.
SmallBizAlly - Buford, GA

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Speaking Topics

Topic 1:

20/20 Vision

Most vision statements are worthless. Find out why creating a vision is important for personal life, company, and your culture. You'll also learn how to create a vision that inspires. 

Topic 2:

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working And What To Do About It

Your brand is not your logo. In this talk, you’ll  learn the three critical components needed to create a brand worth following and how to build more effective marketing programs.

Topic 2:

Build Your Culture, Build Your Brand

Learn the critical factors to shaping your brand culture and influencing your team’s productivity and morale.

Everyone speaks, but not everyone is heard. Discover your “voice,” how a toxic culture can reflect negatively on your brand, and the insights that can help you create loyal employees.

Topic 4:

The Role of Social Media in Brand Building

I guarantee there are things on social media keeping you from building a brand worth following.

Find out how to reverse 8 things that are keeping people from trusting you.

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