How to Add Live Video to Your Marketing Strategy

Video is rocking the online world more now than ever. Live video is a big part of that.

I heard Ashely Faus, from Atlassian, speak at the HubSpot Inbound Conference about how to implement live video into your marketing mix.


There are some barriers (or perceived Barriers) to entry for video

  1. Budget - It costs too much.
  2. Time - It takes too long to put it all together.
  3. Talent - I don’t have the right people to film.
  4. ROI - I don’t understand the direct ROI.
  5. Resources - I don’t have the right resources to make it happen.

Sidenote: There’s a cool resource where you can see the amount of video being consumed! Click here to download the Ooyala Video Index 2018.

Let’s talk about how live streaming video can take care of these barriers.

Budget - You need not use expensive, fancy equipment anymore. Our phones have cameras that perform just as well as some cameras out there.




Time - We all have WiFi enabled phones which enables us to upload video to our channels in a matter of seconds.

Talent - Don't worry about super polished videos anymore. Authenticity is what we all want. Be real. Be you.

ROI - We have access to social channels to leverage our audience. If we don’t have an audience, we can work on growing that.

Resources - Use natural light, a simple mic that plugs into your phone (or your headphones that came with your phone), your arm to hold the camera (or a cheap tripod), and start filming! There are some rules of engagement I’ll list below.


Rules for engagement

Psychologically, live video streaming can capitalize on 2 things.

  1. FOMO - By posting a spontaneous video, your audience will feel a psychological desire to know what’s going on.
  2. A sense of community - Streaming live video in the moment helps us all feel connected.

Here are the main types of streaming videos and how you can use each one:

  • Sneak peek
    • Product launch
    • Photo shoot
    • Life at the office
  • Live QA
    • Interactive notes
    • Analyst calls
    • Merger acquisition
    • Product demo
  • This is happening now!
    • Demos on the trade show floor
    • Huge lines at an event
    • Random people doing something crazy
  • Watch a planned event
    • Keynotes and speeches
    • Interviews
    • Concerts and shows
    • Product reveals
  • Daily recap and sharing insights
    • Insights
    • Trade shows and hosted events
    • Interview takeaways

Here's a slide from the presentation for reference as well.




When should you use each one?

It really depends on where your lead or customer is in their buying journey. Also think about where your audience spends time, what is your brand persona, and how can you leverage the particular video in the future.

Solid session. I’ve started using more videos (yes, even live videos) and I’ve seen an uptick in engagement on my channels.

How ‘bout you? Does live video hold a place in your marketing heart?


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