What's the cost of blending in?

You end up wasting time and money developing more tactics to try and "outmarket" the competition.

Brand assessment:
How healthy is your brand?

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If you’re accidental, you’re being reactive, not proactive. I want you to be more proactive when it comes to building your brand. Build more brand loyalty through a strong position that sets you apart and clearly states the value you provide.


My program is for businesses seeking out a strategic partner. Not someone to simply deliver an empty marketing tactic. My coaching programs are for companies and individuals that meet the following criteria:

Typically, companies
with 10-500 employees

3+ years
in business

Are willing to put
in the time and effort

Want to be
more intentional

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The entire process takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks from start to finish depending on the length of the workshop and the turnaround time on assignments. This is how it's going to work.

Discovery Call

I listen first, then build a coaching program just for you.

Pre Session Assessments

Before the workshop, you'll fill out the online assessments to form a baseline.

Conduct The Session

Meet in person
or via Zoom.

Strategy Document

After the in-person session, I'll compile the information and create a strategy that will bring clarity and insight for moving forward.

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There wasn't a formal structure in place, and we didn’t understand how the messages we created should align with the company’s brand. The workshop was informative and super easy to follow. Now, I feel so much more empowered in the work I am submitting to my team. I’m also more knowledgeable and aware about how our brand is impacted by everything we do.

Collette R.
Real Estate Investment Company - Duluth, GA

Workshop Options

The following chart helps you understand a bit more about what’s covered during our brand sessions. During our discovery call, we’ll determine if this is right for you and if we need to add or remove certain modules.

In-Person Half-Day



Identify Your Brand
Customer Insights / Testimonials
Identify Your Core Audience
Clarify Your Positioning
Website Homepage Wireframe
5 Voices Introduction

In-Person Full-Day


Everything in the Half-Day, plus:

Brand Audit and Consistency
Competitive Audit
Content Strategy Consulting

In-Person 2-Day


Everything in the Full-Day, plus:

5 Voices Workshop #1
Social Media Audit
Logo Consulting / Development
Email Funnel Consulting
Lead Offer Consulting

*A final price will be determined after our dicsovery call.

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My Happiness Guarantee

I absolutely can't stand when I buy something and feel like I've wasted my time and money. That's why, if you still feel as unclear, lost, and generic as the day we met, I'll refund every penny. I only ask that you prove to me you've developed everything in the course and implemented it into your marketing. You have nothing to lose.

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