Unlocking CEO Painpoints With Daphna Horowitz


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Episode Overview:

This podcast Unlocked episode hosted by Skot Waldron features an interview with Daphna Horowitz, a CEO coach who has worked with clients worldwide to help them achieve their leadership goals. Daphna shares her background, transitioning from an actuary to CEO coaching, and how her analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and trend-spotting skills help her clients develop their leadership skills and self-awareness. She discusses the challenges CEOs face today, including feeling overwhelmed, struggling to communicate effectively, and feeling lonely in their role, and notes that many CEOs seek trusted colleagues and a team that can take over responsibilities so they can focus on other aspects of their life. Daphna also highlights the importance of understanding oneself as a leader, using her ABC model of leadership (awareness, behavior, conversation) to help leaders develop self-awareness of their strengths, weaknesses, values, and motivations, and ultimately lead more effectively.

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to another episode of Unlocked, where we talk about unlocking the potential of you, the people you work with, and the people you do life with. At the time of this recording, I'm offering all of you, yes, my lovely listeners, a free 15-minute communication coaching call. You come with some kind of communication problem and I give you a solution. My calendar link is in the show notes so check that out.

Daphna Horowitz is a person with a bright vocal range, a bright spirit, a bright idea about life, and she's gonna share that with us today. And it was really fun interviewing her. I'm really grateful for her being patient and staying up a little, little later for us. She's located in Israel, originally from South Africa. And the insights that she shares today are really relevant, I think, for those of you in the CEO world or working your way up to that, or I'm just going to say management in general. But we're going to talk specifically about the CEO world today.

That's what she calls herself - the CEO coach that is actually her title. And Daphna is a trusted advisor working with clients around the globe, but she's created extraordinary results, built leaders in their businesses. Daphna actually comes from a very interesting space. I always like to understand where different coaches come from and inside my circle and different people I meet. She was actually an actuary at a corporation and a large consulting firm. And we get into that a little bit. I ask her specifically, what was the thing that you bring as a superpower from your actuary world into the world of coaching that helps you really strengthen leaders and lead CEOs into the world in which they live? And she gives some great answers there that I think are really great.

She talks about this ABC model that she uses to coach clients and you're gonna get some good tidbits out of that as well.

So without further ado, here we come. Daphna,

so fun to have you, especially because your accent is different than mine.

Yeah, great to be here! Definitely different accent to South African.

Yes, yes. One day I will venture to the world of South Africa. I have lots of South African friends. So I figure I don't have to go there because I just have South African friends.

It's worth a visit. Beautiful country, really worth a visit.

I hear it's amazing.

I hear it's amazing. In fact, you have...

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