Build more brand loyalty

Small group coaching for businesses with less than 10 employees.

This is for you if:

You are a business looking for structured, professional, high-quality training from someone that will hold you accountable.

You don't have a huge budget or time for one-on-one coaching.

You lack clarity about how to communicate effectively with your staff, your audience, and yourself.

Behind every strong brand is a healthy culture.

My philosophy about brand development is a bit unique. Building real brand loyalty is a mix of both internal brand and external brand development.

I believe if you can't communicate effectively with your internal audience (yourself or team), then how can you expect to communicate effectively with your external audience.

Internal Brand Loyalty

The loyalty you feel towards yourself, and the loyalty your staff or team feel towards your company because of the way you communicate. (aka company culture).

External Brand Loyalty

The loyalty your target audience feels towards you or your company because of the way you communicate.

That's why I've developed a program to address both. 

Introducing The 100X small group brand Program


100 = 100% brand health

X = multiplying that health to others 

The best leaders and brands in the world lead themselves to higher levels by calibrating support and challenge to themselves and their teams. 

To explain this, we use the metaphor of a Sherpa on Mt. Everest. The Sherpa people have a genetic predisposition to higher altitudes which means they can climb higher and longer than normal climbers. They actually have the ability to lead themselves and others up the mountain.

This is what defines a leader — doing their work while helping others do theirs for the benefit of all.

If we are healthy, if our teams are healthy, and if our companies are healthy, we will foster more loyalty with both our internal audience (employees) and our external audience.

I will be coaching a small group of individuals using Giant (an online tool used to develop people) to build you and the way you communicate with those around you (internal brand).

For your external brand, the group will be using my online course and 20 years of experience designing and coaching companies large and small to help you learn how to communicate more effectively with your external audience. 

A perfect blend of coaching to help you build your brand in both business and life.

A few of the organizations that have used this system:

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dahl automotive logo
ford logo
google logo
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Here's what's included:

bi-weekly Video group calls

Learn together as we discuss and discover how to build  brand loyalty while holding each other accountable. These sessions will be recorded for playback if needed.

Bite-sized training

Access to weekly 15-20 minute video trainings focused on learning & practical tools you can do on your own schedule.


Exercises focused on helping you develop yourself and how to communicate with your target audience.

Giant TV

Access to GiANT (think, Netflix mixed with Peleton, for personal development) and a worldwide community of people going through the same training as you.

Build Your Brand Online Course

Access to my Build Your Brand Online Course which has been used for years to help coach my clients on all aspects of building a solid brand.

The reasons people don't invest in coaching:

Don't know where to start

lack of structure

no accountability

too expensive

No practical tools for easy implementation 

no time

This program is different.

Measureable ROI

Actively invest in the growth of you and your business and use tools to gauge this growth. You will see measurable progress!



Training built around your schedule.

a plan

A plan and structure developed by experts to help you meet your brand and communication goals.


Access to a brand and communication expert that will hold you accountable.

Brand loyalty

Build more brand loyalty with your team, yourself (yes, you need to be loyal to yourself as well), and your audience.

all of this for

$199 for non-profits

I ask you to commit for 3-months. If it's not working for you by then, and you can show me you've done the work, I'll return your investment.

Are you ready to be more intentional about building a brand worth following?

Skot Waldron is 5 Voices Certified Coach and Workshop Facilitator

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Set up an account on GiANT (it's free forever) and access the same content that Google, Delta, CDC, and Chick-fil-A use to train their leaders.