How Do You Measure The ROI of Your Social Media Efforts?

You've heard time and time again you need to be on social media. 

The problem is you don't know if it's working. Sometimes you get some "likes" and sometimes you don't. 

Join the club. As business owners or marketers, we have so many irons in the fire.

How much is your time worth?

How much time can you set aside to do all of the necessary research needed to understand if you're being effective on social media?


First of all, do you have any of the following questions?

  1. Is all of this time I'm putting into social media working?
  2. How do I rank in regards to my competition?
  3. How do I compare to the industry average?
  4. What are my best/worst posts?
  5. What are my competitors best/worst posts?
  6. Who’s really winning? My competition has way more followers, but who really gets the most engagement?

I have the answers for you.

I can produce a report for you that will answer ALL of these questions!

Give me a few minutes and I can show you just a snippet of what you'll get. Let's break it down question by question.


1 // Is all of this time I'm putting into social media worth it? How do I justify this to my boss (or myself)?

This section of the report is gold! It will tell you which social media channels you are putting the most effort into. AND, will tell you how much of a return you are getting on that effort.

According to the information below, this company should STOP putting so much effort into Google+ and continue to work on Facebook (thank goodness G+ is going away!)


Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 10.13.13 PM

 Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 10.15.22 PM


2 // How do I rank in regards to my competition?

In this section, I'll be able to break down by social channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) who is getting the most shares, likes, and comments. And, to make it fare, I can put everyone on a level playing field. So, it doesn't matter if you have 1,000 followers and your competition has 10,000. 

The chart below show that even though Eastern Hotels posts less, has less overall shares, and less comments, the quality of their posts are better. They are getting more bang for their efforts!




3 // How do I compare do the industry average?

This chart may look like gibberish! But it can tell you how you're doing according to the industry averages both globally and in the U.S. broken down by each social channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)


image showing how a company compares to the industry on social media


4 // What are my best and worst posts?

I'll show you the best and worst posts over the past year along with the keywords associated with those posts. This will help you know what to continue posting in the future. It will also help you understand if you are reaching the right audience with the right content.


Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 10.25.14 PM


5 // What are my competitors best/worst posts?

Need more ideas for content? Spy on your competition. What's working (or not working) for them might just do the same for you! 


image showing best and worts posts on social media


6 // Who’s really winning? Your competition May have more followers, but who really gets the most engagement?

Again, it doesn't matter how many followers you have (for the most part). What really matters is are you comparing apples to apples when looking at the competition? This report will tell you who's really winning.

In the image below, Wendy's has the least amount of followers, but is beating the competition in almost everything else. I'll take more engagement over more followers any day!


image showing who is doing better on social media


We can also see in the chart below that CocaCola is lacking overall. DietPepsi isn't doing too well either.


Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 10.37.13 PM


I hope you can see how amazing this data is and how valuable it can be! It can bring peace-of-mind to what you are doing on social media, and if you outsource your social marketing to another agency, hold them more accountable.


Who is this report for?

It's for you if you can YES to any of these questions:

  1. Do you need to justify being on social media?
  2. Are you simply shooting in the dark when it comes to your social media postings?
  3. Are you just the least bit curious how you rank in regards to your competition and the industry?
  4. Do you wonder how you can be more effective in your social media efforts?
  5. Do you need more ideas when it comes to content?


Do I just get a report and that's it?

Yes, and no! Yes, you'll get a report. No, that's not it. We'll schedule a 1-hour call to review your results and talk about your social media goals and offer some suggestions.

Again, I understand it's a lot. That's why I'll walk you through every part of it. 


How much is your time worth? 

How much time would it take you to research all of this information? How important is it for you to maximize your efforts on social media?

If I could run this report for you and save you the time and hassle of researching this information yourself (and let's be honest, you probably won't do it anyway.), would it be worth it?

If you're interested, contact me!


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